In the Workplace, Consideration is Key

If you follow these three simple rules, your coworkers will love you even more for it.

Let people start the day with a 15 minute break: Some people have to wind down from the day; others have to ease into the day. When your co-workers get to work, give them time to settle in, turn their computers on, lament over their to-do list, grab a cup of java, chit-chat or whatever it is they like to do before they get to work. Don’t shove paperwork in their faces or bombard them with a thousand questions when they walk into the building. Unless it’s a life or death situation, even minor emergencies can wait a few minutes.

How old are you now?: They say it’s rude to ask one his or her age, but I’ve noticed that people to the right of 40 like to ask the younger folks their age. They think the millennials won’t mind sharing, but they’re wrong. All ages have the potential to be stigmatized. People make assumptions about who and how we are based on our age. Being that we have enough assumptions to work against, let’s not create anymore with the topic of age. If someone volunteers that info up, fine. If not, don’t be nosy.

So you’re busy…who’s not?: Have you ever heard comments like these before: “You think you’re busy. Try doing my job.” “You might be busy but at least you have some help.” Speaking on how busy you are while in the same breath downgrading some else’s level of worth and responsibility is rude. That’s all.

Now run along, and unleash the considerate, likable coworker that’s inside of you.


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