Which Office Stereotype Do You Live Up To?

We all fall into some group. You might not realize it, but there are things we do that make our coworkers laugh, cringe, shake their heads, revere us and ultimately, classify us. Do you know which group YOU fall into? Here are a few office stereotypes.

The Gossip – You know who these people are. Everyone knows. They preface all news with “Don’t tell anyone but…” and “You’re the only one I’m telling…” Yeah….right. They can be annoying or entertaining. Don’t hold their loose tongues against them. Use it to your advantage. If there’s a message you want to get out there (nothing malicious) tell the Gossip and he/she will spread the word. If you want to learn more about another coworker’s habits, strengths, weaknesses, or reputation, mention that person’s name and the chatterbox might fill you in on the details. In the past when I’ve started a new job, the office Gossip filled me in on everything. It took me a few months to form my own opinion of people’s personalities and the ins and outs of the organization, but the Gossip was a good starting point. 

The Slacker – when it’s time to form project teams or committees, everyone dodges the Slacker. This person doesn’t return e-mails or phone calls and they half-ass their portion of the work. Attention Slackers: You know who you are and you need to stop that slacker stuff right now.

The Know-it-All – If 75% or more of your sentences begin with “actually,” as you go in to contradict a coworker’s point, you might be the office know-it-all. It’s great to be smart, but try to leave the condescending tones and words at home.

 The Bitch (Female) or Asshole/Jerk (Male) – Maybe people put coworkers in this category because the coworkers are sticklers who stay on top of their work and get things done. Or, maybe these folks really are bitches and assholes and jerks. I’d say, if 65% or more of the people you work with can’t stand you, you may want to reevaluate your communication style and your treatment of others. I’ve heard one executive say “If your name isn’t scrawled on the bathroom wall you’re not doing your job.” I beg to differ. No one’s going to be in the good graces of everyone. In fact, if everyone likes you something might be wrong. But there are ways to get your work done and be assertive without treating others bad.

 There are many more office stereotypes out there: The Grouch, The Complainer, The Snob and many more.

What group do you think your coworkers would put you in. I’ll share mine if you share yours ;-).


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