So You’ve Got a New Hire…Now What?

After dozens (maybe hundreds) of resumes, months of recruiting and endless interviews you’ve finally found the perfect candidate.  You agree on a salary, benefits/perks, and a start date. Now what?

What happens on the first day of work is crucial. Set the tone for how your new employee/employer realtionship will go.  You don’t want your new hire regretting his/her decision, so here are a few tips to make the onboarding process smooth.

  1. Send a card to the new employee’s home welcoming them to the company.
  2. Decide on a time for them to start, and be there when they arrive.
  3. Let the front desk receptionist know the employee is starting that day. That way he/she won’t sit there looking crazy when the new employee walks in.
  4. Work with IT to ensure that your new employee has a computer, phone, etc.
  5. Lunch outside of the office during that first week or two is a great way to learn more about each other.
  6. Consider starting a mentoring program at your company that pairs new employees up with more seasoned staff members. This is the person to go to for help ordering supplies or for the run down on office politics and peculiarities.
  7. Introduce the new employee to everyone in the office durign the first couple of days of their start date.
  8. Have reading materials (handbook, company history, strategic plan, etc.) handy so they can get familiar with the company’s culture.
  9. Consider doing a survey a few months after the new employee’s start date to ask them about their experience during the onboarding process.
  10. List a few things you’d like them to do. That way, they are not just sitting at their desk twiddling their thumbs.

A good onboarding/orientation process will help make employees feel welcome and reduce turnover. You work hard to recruit and hire great talent, and it’s just as important for you to work hard to make them feel welcome and keep them on board.


2 thoughts on “So You’ve Got a New Hire…Now What?

  1. Hey Sam,

    2-8??!! That’s impressive. I think companies get so caught up in the everyday drill they forget that it’s these little things that count the most. Glad you had a great experience at NCR.

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