The Office Cheerleader

Every office has one. It’s that over zealous employee we can’t live with, but can’t live without. Does this sound familiar:

  • The emloyee who walks around with jokes, puzzles and brain teasers for everyone to complete.
  • The employee who gets the most excited about holiday luncheons the rest of us try to avoid.
  • The employee who visits people’s cubicles to talk about nothing.
  • The employee who always has a lot of conversation when the rest of us have a lot of work.

It’s tempting to avoid this person, and easy to be annoyed, but be careful how you handle this type of employee. The last thing you want to do is deflate this person’s enthusiam. Instead, here are some ways to put the employee’s energy to good use:

  • Put them on a committee or project team. Not a team dealing with FMLA or the financial audit, but something that’s actually fun, like the holiday gala or the 5k breast cancer walk in your community.
  • Praise them. These types usually like the praise and attention and it drives them to do more.
  • Enjoy them. Trust me, when they spend a few days out of the office you notice the boredom and quiet. As much as it might hurt to say so, you must admit that these enthusiastic types bring fun into what are usually stale office environments. 

Let them be free!


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