Deck the Office Halls

By now you should already have your holiday office activities planned, but just in case you’re still searching for something to do, here are some fun ideas to consider.

1. Game day: Bring in the classics: Scrabble, UNO, Monopoly, dominoes, and the rest. Set up clusters of tables so people can break up into groups , and play away. It might be fun to have a dept. against dept. competition. This is a fun way to get people to relax and open up to each other.

2. Movies: Bring in a couple of holiday movies and let people get caught up in nostalgia. Make it a true movie experience by bringing in things you’d normally see at the theater — Freshly popped corn, sour patch kids, and supersized Coca-Cola drinks. And, if you give gifts to employees during the holidays, a movie theater gift card could be something to consider — that way they can continue the experience with loved ones.

3.  Pajama Day?: This is wild, but why not have a pajama day? Give out prizes to the funniest and frumpiest pajamas. This out-of-the-box idea will definitely get people laughing.

4. Cube/office decorating contest: Give people a price point and see who can get the most creative at decorating their workspace. In fact, it’s even better if you limit them to using things found in the office. That way it’s free for everyone (except for the office budget– which covers the supplies. But that’s ok.)

5. Melting pot tree: If you’re going to have a tree, have each employee bring in an ornament that represents what the holiday season means to them. That way every one has the chance to represent their culture, religion, interests and life in general.

People get bored with the same old same old. Don’t keep having the same fancy gala or the same old luncheon. After a few year that all gets stale.

Happy Holidays!



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