Workplace Taboos: Toss ‘Em

If you think the mood in your office is a bit uptight, here are a few things that might loosen things up a little:

  1. Drinking on the Job:  I heard a comedian tell the joke: “My co-workers didn’t know I was a drunk until I came to work sober one day.” And they probably liked him better as a drunk! I’m not condoning anyone being drunk at work or anywhere else. I’m just wondering if the world would come to an end if people occasionally enjoyed a glass of wine during their lunch break. They’d laugh more, be more personable, and to their benefit, the time at work would go faster. Of course, those who drive or operate machinery can’t play this game, but everyone else (especially those of us stuck in an office all day) should be able to. I think Europe has the right idea. (Don’t get me started about the ir2-hour lunches and extended vacations!)
  2. Workplace relationships: I don’t agree with people in boss/employee situations having romantic relationships. But it might not be so bad for people who work in the same facility to go there. Maybe then they’d spend less time texting, calling and emailing each other all day long and get some damn work done. You’re less interested in communicating with someone when they’re across the hall.
  3. Snubbing Pregnant Chicks: I’ve heard of hiring managers passing on female candidates because the candidate was pregnant or newly married and could be preggers soon. They must not know about maternal instinct. Moms with mouths to feed are less likely to get pissed off over some randon stuff and walk off on the job than a woman with only herself to fend for.

I couldn’t think of any other taboos, but if you can think of more ways to ruffle some feathers in the workplace please comment.


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