August 20-24 Marks Third Annual Georgia Telework Week

This week is Telework Week in Georgia. Pick a day this week to telecommute if you can.

If telecommuting is not an option, find an alternative to driving to work alone in your car. In addition to helping improve our air quality and decreasing traffic, there are other perks, too. Like these:

  • If you bike to work, you’re commuting and working out at the same time!
  • If you’re close enough to walk, you’ll enjoy some nature on the way.
  • If you carpool, you’ll probably always be on time – because we never want to make a coworker late.
  • If you take one of those comfy buses from the burbs to the city you can sleep, catch up on emails or engross yourself in a good book. Or, you can use that time to think.
  • If you work from home, you might avoid an impromptu meeting or two, you get to wear what you want, you add hours of time to your work day by eliminating traffic and you can do things like grocery shop on your lunch break.

Check out these other benefits to teleworking and finding alternative ways to get to work.

How will you support Telework Week?


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