Getting Back To Work After the Holidays

The end of the year can be tough for many companies in terms of completing tasks and employee relations.

1: No one is really in work mode because they’re busy planning and enjoying holiday parties and gatherings at home and work.

2: Those who are in work mode, are trying so hard to close projects out before people disappear for the holidays that they work load an sometimes get heavier than usual.

3: Once the big hoorah of the holidays is over, getting back to ordinary everyday work life can be a downer.

Not much we can do about the first two points but that last can be helped. Ride the wave of the holiday fervor by:

1: Planning a social department outing sometime during the end of January. Book it soon enough so that employees have something to look forward to.

2: Discussing New Years goals. This is a great way to get closer as a team. Employees can support each other throughout the year by asking each other about personal goals. If it’s a business goal, team members can even help each other reach those goals. This creates a support system and helps keep everyone accountable.

3: Finding reasons to celebrate. There are many accomplishments at work that we can celebrate but we don’t because we’re so busy moving on to the next thing. If we find more reasons throughout the year to rejoice about the work we do, it won’t be such a bummer coming back to the office after the holidays because we know there’ll be fun times to look forward to.

 Good Luck and Happy 2012!


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