How #Gala4Haiti Contributed to My Work-Play Balance

Forget about Work-Life balance. What you should really go for is Work-Play balance.


Let’s face it: for many of us, work is so ingrained in our lives and in who we are that it’s a challenge, and sometimes impossible, to separate the two. As much as possible, I aim to balance out the work not with life, but with play.


I recently had the opportunity to do this at #Gala4Haiti – a black tie event featuring live entertainment and a fashion show with both Haitian and Haitian American designers showcasing their collections.  The December 12 event was hosted by Consul General Gandy Thomas and the staff of the General Consulate of Haiti in Atlanta, GA. The purpose of the event was to showcase the artistry of Haitian and Haitian American designers and further establish Haiti as a country where the arts can thrive. As stated by Consul General Gandy himself – Haiti is open for business!




I got to put on my favorite black dress and super-high heels and be around other sparkly people for the evening. I saw a few old contacts and made some new ones. I enjoyed delicious Haitian cusine, got to hear and speak some Creole (I don’t do that often enough!) and imagine myself  wearing the runway selections of the evening – like this blue and yellow number:


I so need this for my next trip to the Caribbean!




I need this in my closet, too!





There were way more looks than I could capture, so I spent the evening enjoying the show, and letting my memory be the recorder.


#Gala4Haiti gave me something to get excited about during the week. What made it so exciting is that it was completely unexpected. One tweet led to another, then another, and before I knew it Danica Kombol  from Everywhere had invited me to the event! (Thanks Danica!)


When we enjoy our time “on the clock,” our time “off the clock” is that much better, and vice versa. My play-time outside of the office adds to my work in that I can draw from those experiences when working on creative projects or problem-solving. Because of my outer-work experiences, I have more stories to tell and more memories to store. In addition, the play helps to keep me well-rounded, and  who doesn’t enjoy working with well-rounded people?


So my call-to-action to you is be open to receive the unexpected, and forget about Work-Life balance! Trust me, things are way more exciting when you focus on a healthy balance between work, and play.


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