Kicking the hell out of Option B when Option A disappears: Insight into Sheryl Sandberg’s latest book – Option B

Eavesdropping. We’ve all done it – either intentionally or because we were within earshot of a conversation and there was no avoiding it. This is how it felt reading Sheryl Sandberg’s latest book, Option B. Option B is Sheryl’s account of becoming a widow, mourning the loss of her husband, and coming to terms with […]

Change Begins with You

Bud Hammes was the catalyst for change in La Crosse, WI – a city of 52,000 people. If one man could trigger change in the mindset of 50,000+ people, why do some think they are too “small” to trigger significant change in their organizations? When I hear comments like “That’s above my pay grade,” or […]