About Me

I tell stories with P.E.P. — Passion, Effectiveness and Power.

Craft: I enjoy what I do. Satisfaction in what we do is often the difference between “good enough” and “superb”. I love words and the power they have to move people. My affinity for words landed me in a public relations position where I communicate about the mission of an Atlanta nonprofit. My points of focus include internal communication and feature writing. And now, I’m getting to be obsessed with Social Media and Digital Marketing. I blog about a variety of communications matters at https://rashidapowell.wordpress.com/.

College: This is where I tell you about my academic background. My B.A. degree in English Literature came from Clark Atlanta University (2003) and my M.A. in Professional Writing came from Kennesaw State University (2006). The English degree helped me strengthen my analytic skills and gave me lots of knowledge about endless literary works (both the massively popular and the obscure.) I came out of Clark Atlanta with an interest in feminist literary theory and Southern Literature. My Professional Writing degree helped me settle into a more specialized genre of writing: Corporate Writing. In Kennesaw’s MAPW program my primary track was Applied Writing (Corporate and Nonprofit Communications) and my secondary track was creative writing (My last time writing poetry was in that program and I so do miss it!)

Culture: I add this section here because I think it plays a huge part in me being who I am. I value culture and diversity; because of this it is easier for me to create communication pieces with other people in mind regardless of how similar or different they are from me. I love to travel and immerse myself in other worlds. And, if I’m ever unsure about which style of communication works for a particular group, I watch, and I listen. By doing these two things we usually get all the answers we need.


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